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What is the difference between high density HDI circuit boards and printed circuit boards?

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Since printed circuit boards are not a universal end product, there is slight confusion over the definition of the name. In PCB proofing, many people often confuse high-density HDI circuit boards with printed circuit boards. What is the difference between them?


Because integrated circuit components are mounted on the circuit board, it is often called an IC board, but it is not equivalent to a printed circuit board in essence. Under the premise that electronic products tend to be multi-functional and complex, the contact distance of integrated circuit components is reduced, and the signal transmission speed is relatively increased. As the number and length of wiring increases and the distance between points becomes denser, the application of High Density Interconnection (HDI) technology is required to achieve the goal.

Basically, double-sided wiring and cross-connection are difficult, so the board will go to multiple layers; and due to the continuous increase of lines, more power planes and ground planes provide the necessary means for the design. For the electrical requirements of high-speed signals, the board must provide impedance control with AC power characteristics, high-frequency transmission capability, reduction of unwanted radiation (EMI), and more. In order to reduce the quality of signal transmission, low dielectric coefficient and low attenuation rate of insulating materials are used, which is in line with the miniaturization and array of electronic components, and the density of circuit boards is also increasing to meet the demand. Therefore most board operators refer to such products as "high density boards" or HDI boards.


A printed circuit board is a structural element formed of insulating material supplemented with conductor wiring. During PCB proofing, integrated circuits, transistors, electrodes, passive components (such as resistors, capacitors, connectors, etc.) and various other electronic components are mounted on the main body. Through wired connections, electrical signal connections and appropriate functions can be formed. Thus, the printed circuit board is a platform that provides connections to components to receive the base of the contact components.

KFPCBA focuses on the scientific research innovation and user experience of PCBA processing, bringing customers a more comprehensive and mature PCB proofing experience. At this stage, KFPCBA can do small and medium batch production of HDI boards according to customer needs, and provide customers with a variety of PCBA processing services. If you have needs, you can contact us.

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