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KFPCBA focuses on the demand for high-quality PCBA orders of "multi-variety, large, medium and small batches, and short delivery time".

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  • Tel: +86-18825224069
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  • Company address: 201, Factory 6, Longhui Industrial Park, Fuqiao 3rd District, Xinhe Community, Fuhai Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen


We believe in the 21st century everyone has to think global and has to combine the best resources available on this planet. Especially as a young startup or an SME with limited resources. If you don’t do it then your competitors will do it and leave you behind.

KFPCBA, has been a professional PCB design & fabrication and PCB assembly manufacture and turnkey solution provider since 1999. With strong marketing and technical support team, KFPCBA is built to meet customer support every day of the year (24/7/365), is committed to improving the prototyping through production processes for the design engineer from quote to delivery, from PCB design & layout, PCB fabrication and PCB turnkey assembly, Provides unparalleled customer service.

Our headquarter locates in Shenzhen, China, the area called “Factory of the World”, the world’s biggest and fastest growing region for manufacturing, prototyping, and production. Here we have the best preconditions to deliver the best Engineering combined with the speed, price, and possibilities of China. We are connected to a network; supply all kind of PCB related products in all quantities, a broad network for sourcing all kind of components and different logistic providers for fast global shipping.

KFPCBA is your premier off-shore pcb solution manufacture.

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  • To serve the world

    We serve 3000 + enterprise customers worldwide.

  • Market share

    Most of our PCBA products are mainly exported, sold to Europe, America, the Middle East, East Asia and other countries and regions.

  • Manufacturing capacity

    Our monthly production capacity for PCBs can reach 60,000 square meters, SMT monthly production capacity can reach 240 million points, and DIP plug-in monthly production capacity can reach 3 million points.

  • Our factory

    The total area of our plant is 30,000 square meters.

  • Our staff

    Our current number of employees is 150+.

Be your one-stop PCBA R&D partner

Face your electronic product design and manufacturing challenges together, and provide you with a one-stop electronic manufacturing solution from PCB design, layout, manufacturing, component procurement, and SMT assembly.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design Service

Create high-quality, multi-layer, high-speed, high-density and high-precision PCB design services for you. From PCB schematic design and PCB layout to testing, verification and certification, PCB manufacturing, SMT/DIP assembly, we are responsible for the entire cycle of the PCB design process. Please refer to the detailed introduction of our PCB design services below.

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PCB SMT patch assembly

Provide you with PCB mounting proofing and large, medium and small batch printed circuit board assembly. We provide OEM materials, processing with supplied materials, one-stop PCBA and some OEM assembly services. If you want to provide PCB boards and all parts (electronic components), please contact us for a quote and learn more. If you want us to be responsible for purchasing PCBs and parts, please contact our PCBA foundry and processing services for more information.

Learn more about PCB design details
DFMA service

We provide free DFM services to make PCB manufacturing easier and remove all possible obstacles.

Learn more about PCB design details
Printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing

We manufacture various types of printed circuit boards. Whether you need double-sided boards, multilayer boards, high-density interconnect HDI, flexible PCBs, rigid boards, hybrid boards, aluminum boards or customized customization, you can contact us. In cooperation with us, you can request the use of the latest production technology, such as impedance measurement, vias in the pad, HF material, or production according to IPC class 3 standards.

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Our PCBA product area of expertise

Looking for suitable for your industry, products, we provide you with the overall solution

Our factory equipment in China, and many years of manufacturing experience in engineering technology, to provide customized high-reliability printed circuit board for global customers

Focus on the success of your product

Development partners worthy of your trust

At KFPCBA, quality assurance and product quality are paramount. Our strict internal quality control system and through the industry certification standards.

The advantages of working with us

  • Be driven by your needs

    One-stop service, reduce customer burden, this is our proposition. We are customer-oriented, result-oriented and engaged.

  • Be results oriented

    From PCB design, manufacturing and component procurement to final assembly, the complete production of your electronic products and components: We are responsible to the end.

  • Standardized Quality Assurance

    At KFPCBA, quality is paramount. Our strict internal quality control system, through a number of quality standards certification. This means high quality, fast and efficient production.

  • You can monitor us remotely

    At KFPCBA, quality is paramount, which is why we invest not only in equipment, but also in talent. You can supervise our factory remotely.

Certification of quality and standards

Quality is one of our top priorities. Continuously improve the level of management, so that customers at ease. Control strictly according to IPC standard to ensure 100% qualified rate of shipment quality.

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To build a partnership with us

If you are interested in our services and products, please contact us for further information, quotation, cooperation, and start production of your products

Request for quotation

We will calculate the cost of the project and prepare a separate commercial offer. For the manufacture or assembly of printed circuit boards, you need to provide the following documents:

1. Printed circuit board Gerber documents;

2. Printed circuit board instructions (or fill orders) :

- materials-thickness-layers-copper thickness-mask-screen printing-screen printing-finishing-order quantity

3. Bom/component specification (for PCB installation)

Note: The more complete the file, the faster and more accurate we can provide you with the manufacturing service.

Allowed file types: Zip and. Rar. Doc. JPG. Xls. Doc...

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