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KFPCBA focuses on the demand for high-quality PCBA orders of "multi-variety, large, medium and small batches, and short delivery time".

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check it out:Take you to know the most authentic KFPCBA

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What does KFPCBA do? The answer of most people may be: if a service provider that does SMT proofing is applied to other service providers of the same type, what is unique about KFPCBA compared to other service providers? Below, I will show you the most authentic KFPCBA......

01Company Profile

Shenzhen KFPCBA Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: KFPCBA) was established in December 2020, with PCBA one-stop proofing service as the core, providing SMT patch proofing, PCB proofing, DFMA manufacturability analysis, PCBA assembly, component procurement, etc. One-stop service.

As a subsidiary of Shenzhen KINGFORD Technology Co., Ltd., KFPCBA has many years of PCBA manufacturing experience and strong engineering support. It adopts a "proofing + batch" production model and uses customized EPR and MES systems. , It can realize the traceability of the whole process of the product, and is the first in the industry to realize the proofing service of "23-hour delivery, no placement of patches".

02Corporate Culture

01 Mission: Provide global customers with timely and satisfactory services for high-quality circuit board manufacturing and assembly. As a high-tech enterprise, we keep pace with the times, change the development mode, create a one-stop PCBA online intelligent service platform, and provide online payments and orders Inquiry, logistics tracking and other services provide successful samples for the transformation of traditional enterprises, continuously improve the competitiveness of products in the global market, and are committed to providing high-quality electronic intelligent manufacturing services to global customers.

02 Vision: Become a trustworthy friend of customers, create the greatest value for customers and partners, seek the happiness of "things and hearts" for employees, and contribute to social progress. This is the meaning and motivation of our existence, and it is also the goal of Kuaifa Zhizhuang people's tireless struggle; we always firmly believe that a reliable cooperative relationship must be a relationship of trust from heart to heart, which is also the noble pursuit of Kuaifa Zhizhuang people.

03 Values: Proactive, Attentive Transposition, Serious Dedication, Great Virtue and Thanksgiving

01 Be proactive and change positions with heart

We insist on being customer-centric, listening to customers' voices, thinking about what customers think, and creating unlimited value for customers.

02Seriously dedicated and grateful

We insist on providing high-quality products and services and continue to create value for customers. At the same time, we firmly believe that gratitude is a kind of conscience and a state of personality. Only when we know how to be grateful, we will give sincerely. This is also the belief we always pursue.

03Intelligent Service Platform

The KFPCBA platform can realize online intelligent services such as online PCB pricing, SMT chip processing online pricing, component BOM distribution, DFMA manufacturability analysis, one-click online order submission, and project review. At the same time, we have also solved the shortcomings of the traditional PCBA factory with slow delivery. We provide patch and non-scheduled services for SMT proofing, and comprehensively improve the delivery speed. The materials can be delivered within 23 hours after the materials are set within 50 pieces.

04Process equipment

We are equipped with 7 fully automatic high-speed SMT patch production lines, 2 existing high-performance ten-temperature zone nitrogen reflow ovens, multiple Yamaha YSM20, online SPI, online AOI, wave soldering, X-RAY inspection and other high-end equipment to ensure The stability and safety of PCBA production.


The Yamaha YSM20R high-speed placement machine is equipped in the workshop, with a minimum of 01005 and a daily shipment of 8 million points; equipped with 2 lead-free wave soldering, the daily plug-in capacity can reach 100,000 points.

05Professional Team

01Engineering Team

With a team of nearly 26 engineers, it can provide professional technical support and engineering data review and other services, and can also put forward reasonable suggestions based on the data.


02Supply Chain Team

With a supply chain team of nearly 20 people, we can purchase all the components you need at the most affordable price according to your needs; 100% original products, traceable to the source, minimize your labor costs .


03Customer Service Team

With a group of professional customer service teams, we have also established a complete and user-friendly pre-sales and after-sales management system, which can quickly and comprehensively respond to customers’ individual needs, and provide customers with technical support, production and operation, and Order service.


This is the real KFPCBA, a manufacturer dedicated to PCBA one-stop processing services. In the future, we will strive to improve the level of corporate "digital intelligence" and provide high-quality electronic intelligent manufacturing services to customers around the world with the help of technology. 

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​Hi everyone, I'm Ripple, Sales Director of KFPCBA Tech Ltd. If you are looking for a one-stop PCB and PCB assembly manufacturer in China, KFPCBA is your best choice! Please feel free to contact our team! Thanks!
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