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KFPCBA focuses on the demand for high-quality PCBA orders of "multi-variety, large, medium and small batches, and short delivery time".

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KFPCBA: insist on "quality" to build the future, and "wisdom" to create the future!

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As a one-stop PCBA intelligent manufacturing service provider, KFPCBA has unique Internet advantages compared with traditional manufacturing enterprises. At present, it has successively launched OA, MES, BI, ERP management systems and other systems to break the information barriers between data , realizing the traceability of the whole process of products, and moving towards an intelligent PCBA one-stop delivery platform.

Based on "quality"

Product testing is only the final guarantee, and the product qualification rate must be determined by "excellent production workers, sophisticated equipment, high-quality raw materials, scientific methods and high-quality environment", which is what Kuaifa people emphasize: "Man, machine, material, method, and environment" are the five elements of quality management. For quality control, Kuaifa always insists on "not accepting defective products, not producing defective products, and not producing defective products".


Specific performance:

1. Only high-quality raw materials are selected, the material model and parameters are publicized, and the source of the materials can be traced;

2. Equipped with a first-piece detector: The first-piece detector can completely control the entire inspection process, eliminate human errors, and prevent missed inspections, misjudgments, and data can be traced at any time;

3. Equipped with online AOI testing equipment: high-precision optical instruments and high-intelligence testing software are used to detect various production defects;

4. Equipped with 3D SPI: detect the quality of solder paste printing, including volume, area, height, XY offset, shape, bridge, etc.;

5. Obtained the ISO9001 quality management system: strictly control the production process and test and inspect the finished products. For product testing, KFPCBA insists on full testing and does not do random testing to ensure the compliance rate of various quality indicators of PCBA products;


6. The technology is constantly improving: Equipped with a high-standard anti-static and dust-free production workshop, and after 9 "testing processes" are strictly checked to improve product quality;

02Create the future with "wisdom"

01 Online quotation will be launched soon

The PCBA online pricing platform created by KFPCBA will be launched soon, which can realize online pricing quotation, order placement, payment, production progress inquiry, logistics tracking, etc. The whole process is paperless and autonomous, which greatly improves work efficiency. And the official account platform for product customization, design communication, production progress inquiry, etc.

02One-stop PCBA service

In order to meet the diverse needs of customers, KFPCBA takes PCB proofing and SMT proofing as the core, and takes PCB design, DFMA service, PCB manufacturing, SMT patch, DIP plug-in, and component procurement as its main business. KFPCBA continues to expand the PCBA sector business, only In order to reduce the time for customers to select manufacturers, to achieve a "win-win" in the true sense.

03Build a high-quality service team

In order to better serve customers, the company has established a complete and humanized after-sales management system, which can quickly respond to customers' individual needs and provide customers with technical support, production operations and order services 24 hours a day.

KFPCBA adheres to the principle of "quality", constantly explores new technologies and new processes in the industry, strictly controls the quality of products, and provides customers with better PCBA products. The ultimate goal of KFPCBA is to realize intelligent production, build Intelligent PCBA one-stop delivery platform to create more value for customers.

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​Hi everyone, I'm Ripple, Sales Director of KFPCBA Tech Ltd. If you are looking for a one-stop PCB and PCB assembly manufacturer in China, KFPCBA is your best choice! Please feel free to contact our team! Thanks!
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