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Smart Speaker PCBA Solution

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Smart speaker PCBA:

The smart speaker PCBA is basically composed of three parts: the speaker, the frequency divider, and the cabinet. The smart speaker is the product of a speaker upgrade. It is a tool for accessing the Internet through voice, such as on-demand songs, Internet access. Shopping, or knowing the weather forecast, it can also control smart home devices, such as opening the curtains, setting the refrigerator temperature, and warming up the water heater in advance.


Smart speaker performance indicators:

Power: generally measured in W or VA, the common one is nominal power [rated power, undistorted power] refers to the maximum input power under the condition that the nonlinear distortion does not exceed the standard range of the speaker. He is the normal working power of the speaker, and it will not be damaged if it works continuously for a long time.


Sensitivity: It is defined as the sound pressure generated at a distance of one meter from a reference point when a pink noise voltage of 1 watt is applied to the speaker. Expressed in decibels [db]. The higher the sensitivity of the speaker, the louder it is under the same driving power, which is very important when using a low-power amplifier.

Impedance: It refers to the pure resistance presented by the speaker when the audio signal is added to the input of the speaker. The common ones are 4 Euros and 8 Euros, and there are also 3 Euro and 5 Euro systems abroad. When using it, pay attention to match the output impedance of the power amplifier. In particular, the matching of the amplifier to the speaker impedance is particularly important.


Technical Features:

1. Support dual input of U-segment wireless microphone and 3.5mm wired microphone;

2. Support wireless remote control debugging: a variety of microphone sound effects and reverberation +/-, equalization +/-, microphone volume and monitor volume +/-, a variety of live broadcast hot special effects, microphone mute and speaker mute and other practical functions;

3. Support Line in input and wireless Bluetooth accompaniment dual input;

4. Built-in 5000mAh large-capacity battery, the speaker has strong battery life;

5. Support two live mobile phones to start live broadcast at the same time;

6. Carefully debugged 4-inch 15W full-range speakers.


Program highlights:

1. Using the latest self-developed chips, the integration is higher, the audio algorithm is more optimized, and the operability is stronger

2. Use high-performance external ADC/DAC chip for signal conversion to make the sound more fidelity

3. The perfect combination of live debugging function, wireless microphone, wireless remote control, wireless Bluetooth and speakers

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