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What Are The Hazards Of Holding A PCB Board With One Hand?

Release date:2023-02-17 16:26:02 Number of views:90

What are the hazards of holding a PCB board with one hand?How to get the requirements of the circuit board

In the process of PCB assembly and soldering, pcba circuit board processing , SMT chip processing manufacturers have many employees or customers involved in operations, such as plug-in insertion, ICT testing, PCB disassembly, manual PCB spot welding operations, screw installation, rivet installation, pressing The most common operation is to pick up the circuit board with one hand, which is the main cause of BGA and chip capacitor failure. So why does this cause a glitch?

Disadvantages of holding the PCB board with one hand:

(1) Holding the PCB board with one hand is generally allowed for small size, light weight, no BGA, and no chip capacity circuit boards; and for circuits with large size, heavy weight, BGA layout on the side, and chip capacitors Boards should definitely be avoided. Due to such behavior, it is easy to cause the solder joints of BGA, chip capacity and even chip resistance to fail. For this reason, in the process document, the requirements on how to get the circuit board should be indicated.

The easiest part of holding a PCB with one hand is the cycling process of the board. Whether removing a board from a conveyor belt or placing a board, most people unconsciously adopt the practice of holding the PCB tightly with one hand because it is the most convenient. When hand soldering, paste the heat sink, install the nuts. To complete an operation, you will naturally use one hand to manipulate other work items on the board. Those seemingly normal operations often hide huge quality risks.

(2) Install screws. In many SMT patch processing shoe factories, in order to save costs, tooling is omitted. When installing nuts on the PCBA, it is often deformed due to the unevenness of the components on the back of the PCBA, and it is easy to crack any solder joints that are sensitive to deflection.

(3) Plug-in through-hole components

Through-hole components, especially transformers with relatively thick leads, are often difficult to insert into the mounting holes precisely because of the relatively large position tolerance of the leads. The operator will not try to find a way to process the pcba circuit board , and generally adopts a rigid press-in operation, which will cause the bending deformation of the PCB board, and will also cause damage to the surrounding chip capacitors, resistors, and BGA.

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