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Do you know better circuit board manufacturers?

Release date:2022-12-13 16:48:37 Number of views:138

If you want to use a circuit board, you have to find a better one.Circuit board manufacturers , do you know?


If you want to use a circuit board, you have to find a better circuit board manufacturer, because as an electronic product circuit board is an important carrier, a circuit board , a high-quality circuit board can successfully complete the welding in the SMT patch welding of the circuit board, for example A very simple example, the same product is produced by different circuit board manufacturers. When patching, the circuit boards produced by good circuit board manufacturers will be full of tin, will not drop copper, will not warp, but the quality The circuit boards produced by poor circuit board manufacturers will have poor tinning, tin connection, copper peeling, etc. Of course, these reasons may also be problems with SMT patches, but if your circuit boards are well made, the copper skin is even The gold and HASL are flat, the board is watermarked, and the double-sided circuit board is a large-scale manufacturer. You say that even a novice in the patch can’t find the problem of the circuit board. You can only analyze the problem from the patch. This is the guarantee our company can give customers

For intelligent circuit board circuit board production, please find Youlutong PCB board manufacturer

Smart circuit board circuit boards can be divided into smart phone circuit boards, smart door lock circuit boards, smart TV circuit boards, and smart video circuit boards. It is impossible for the panel to complete the intelligent function. Most of the circuit boards currently made by Shenzhen Youlutong circuit board manufacturer are four-layer boards to 10-layer circuit boards. It can be understood that Ulutong circuit board manufacturer is a multi-layer As a manufacturer of circuit boards, double-sided circuit boards are mass-produced, so we have the strength and technology to produce multi-layer circuit boards

Regarding the "via hole opening" and "via hole cover oil" (the difference between the usage of PAD and VIA) small batch circuit board processing , many customers and design engineers often ask what this means when placing an order for the system. My Which option should I choose for the file? Now the editor of the PCB circuit board will talk about this question first, and the explanation is as follows:

I often encounter such problems, the design is seriously irregular, and I can’t tell which is the pad, which is the usage of the via. Sometimes the conductive hole is treated with the characteristics of the pad, and sometimes the key hole is solved with the characteristics of the via. VIA The design of features and PAD features is disordered, resulting in wrong processing, which is also one of the problems that often appear in complaints. As for circuit board production factories, when processing CAM materials, small batches of circuit boards are processed. Some processing film engineers, due to the lack of customer design documents Specifications, but one mistake and two mistakes, small batch production of double-sided circuit boards, helping customers to correct documents, correcting non-standard plans, and handling engineering materials based on their own experience, which led to and contributed to the non-standard plans of customers .

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