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PCB Design Process And Precautions Of Copy Board

Release date:2023-02-14 10:29:19 Number of views:70

The design process and precautions of copy board skills are worth collecting!

1. Copy board skills

This skill is the source of looking for classic design elements and has to be learned. It is not easy to learn mastery. It is recommended to upgrade to level two or above, and then transfer to other skills according to the work situation.

Level 1: Can draw circuit diagrams such as power circuits.

Level 2: Can read circuit diagrams and quickly understand their design intent.

Level 3: Can learn the wisdom of circuit design from school, and evaluate the pros and cons of its design scheme.

Level 4: Basically, you can understand the circuit schematic diagram without a little bit of copying, and can absorb profound wiring design methods.

Welding plate: This skill is the housekeeping skill of an electronic engineer and must be equipped. Preferred skills, and should be added to the most intermediate level.

2. Welding plate skills

Level 1, understand the principle of spot welding and understand theoretical knowledge. Can handle simple spot welding.

Level 2, the spot welding of SMD devices can be handled freely, and the plug-in is no longer a problem, and the quality can be guaranteed. The spot welding of the patch to the MCU can be completed independently.

Level 3, the spot welding technology has been improved to a higher level, and the solder joints are beautiful and up to standard. There is no continuous welding burnout, no sharpening, and unqualified solder joints on Baixideng. The bending of the components can be carefully grasped, and the spot welding of the wire ends is suitable.

Level 4, proficient in spot welding technology, basically done at one time, can't use force, hard punching, temperature control and precise pcb copy board design , and the distribution of components is reasonable and beautiful. Wiring can be preliminarily designed using drawing tools and then spot welded. Basically moving towards a mature design process, the design stage should be careful and have a big picture. It brings great convenience to the follow-up work.

3. Sketchpad skills

Sketchpad software is the first choice for pcb copy board design , which is a necessary skill. preferred. No explanation, added early.

Level 1, know the basic process, library files, packaging, a complete set is basically enough, and you can draw the smallest system board of a single-chip microcomputer.

Level 2, build your own commonly used package library files, which is the accumulation of a mature electronic engineer.

Level 3, can quickly draw a lot of shelves, the wiring should be reasonable.

Level 4, fully understand other intermediate theories such as high-frequency signals, but good at practicing in designing PCBs .

4. Electronic circuit simulation skills

For you to become an electronic engineer must master the software tools, have to learn. After mastering it proficiently, you can use a notebook as a virtual laboratory, and the cost performance is also good.

Level 1: Can use common EDA software, LCEDA,,,,, etc., first recommend the circuit simulation function of LCEDA (), the most important thing is to understand the advantages and disadvantages of those simulation software.

Level 2: Able to combine examples, use software tools to analyze them, seek optimal parameters, and determine the final plan.

Level 3: The software is no longer the mainstream, it is just an auxiliary. It has already had rich experience in debugging electronic circuits, because sometimes the software is not accurate, and the value of software simulation cannot be denied for this reason.

5. Programming skills

Want to become a master electronic engineer? Programming is a gantry you have to cross. Needless to say, it's amazing. There are many ways, and ideas are more important.

Level 1: Proficiency in C language, and proficiency in the realization of some basic functions. You need to get started quickly with the compilation tools (you need to be familiar with the specific compilation environment in 1 hour). In fact, the environment is just a tool, and C is the way of thinking.

At level 2, the flow chart must be drawn, which is the key to open thinking. It is a tool for clarifying thoughts. The flexible use of various flow charts can divide complex programs into models. It is necessary to have the idea of time-sharing operation. The idea of a state machine is integrated into every pore of the program. This is a technique that sacrifices flexibility for clarity.

Level 3, the jump of the seniors. Basic ability to deal with common affairs, like button, display, LCD, frequency measurement, data transmission, PWM, super timing, voltage regulation, AD sampling, digital detection, etc. have long been familiar with. The improvement at this stage is to make a fuss about program independence and modularity.

Level 4, a higher level, more summaries and more innovations.

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