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Detailed analysis of PCBA technical solutions for smoke alarms

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The smoke alarm realizes fire prevention by monitoring the concentration of smoke. The ion smoke sensor is used inside. The ion smoke sensor is a kind of sensor with advanced technology, stable and reliable operation, and is widely used in various fire alarm systems. This paper The role, function and performance parameters of the smoke alarm PCBA will be analyzed in detail.


Smoke alarm PCBA function

1. The role of the detector

The alarm can monitor the surrounding air and activate the built-in buzzer when smoke is detected, giving you valuable evacuation time before the fire spreads, and the detector has wired and wireless interconnection functions.

2. The main function of the alarm

2.1 Alarm test function: After the alarm is connected to the power supply, it can work normally, and the indicator light flashes once about 40 seconds. Press the test button, the buzzer will sound an alarm, and the indicator light will be on; release the test button, the detector will return to normal working state. During the self-checking test, the detector outputs a wireless signal (wireless networking detector), which can be identified by the security alarm host.


2.2 Alarm function: When the smoke around the detector reaches a certain concentration, the indicator light flashes quickly, after about 5 seconds the indicator light stays on, the buzzer sounds an alarm, and outputs a wireless alarm signal (wireless networking type). When the smoke disappears, the detector can automatically recover.

2.3 Power supply under-voltage prompt function: The detector has a battery voltage detection function. When the power supply battery voltage is lower than 7.5V, the detector will emit a short "beep" sound and a light indicator at the same time, and the buzzer will beep once about 50 seconds, that is, Report battery undervoltage fault.


Smoke alarm PCBA features:

Independent ceiling installation, simple installation without debugging;

Built-in dedicated IC, stable performance and high sensitivity;

The smoke detection chamber using the optical principle can accurately detect the smoke generated in the early stage of the fire;

Built-in buzzer, can independently alarm low voltage alarm function;

Protection area: the installation height of the alarm is less than 6 meters, and the protection area is 60 square meters.


Smoke alarm PCBA  Specifications

Working voltage: 9V alkaline battery or carbon battery

Operating current: quiescent <10μA

Smoke Sensitivity: Secondary

Transmission frequency: 315MHz/433MHz

The working principle of smoke sensor:

From the internal principle, smoke alarms realize fire prevention by monitoring the concentration of smoke.


It has a radioactive source americium 241 in the inner and outer ionization chambers, and the positive and negative ions generated by ionization move to the positive and negative electrodes respectively under the action of the electric field. Under normal circumstances, the current and voltage of the internal and external ionization chambers are stable. Once the smoke escapes outside the ionization chamber. Interfering with the normal movement of charged particles, the current and voltage will change, destroying the balance between the inner and outer ionization chambers, so the wireless transmitter sends out a wireless alarm signal to notify the remote receiving host and transmit the alarm information.

It can be said that the smoke alarm is an indispensable device in large residential areas now, and it is also an indispensable protection measure in the intelligent fire protection system. Because most of the domestic accidents come from fire, which is a great threat to the life and property of our residents, if you have a demand for smoke sensor PCBA processing services you can contact us.

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