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[Wonderful Review] KFPCBA's First Fun Games

Release date:2022-04-12 14:04:31 Number of views:0

In order to enhance the physical quality of employees, cultivate teamwork awareness, and show corporate culture and employee style, the KFPCBA employee representative committee organized and held the "First Fun Games", and all KFPCBA employees participated in the event.


In this games, most of the competition items set up are fun sports, including 3 collective activities of tug-of-war, rope skipping, tossing and running, as well as individual items such as badminton throwing, shuttlecock kicking, and hooping. Every competition item is wisdom. and physical competition.


"Let your body fall back and work hard on your waist!" The team leader of the tug-of-war competition here is explaining the technical essentials to the participating players. During the tug-of-war competition, the participating team members all stood firm and worked hard together, especially at the critical moment when the outcome was difficult to determine. , to celebrate the winning team and cheer for the losing team, fully demonstrating the good spirit of unity and friendship. After several rounds of fierce competition, the material department, the production department and the KFPCBA company won the championship in the tug-of-war competition.


During the toss-and-run activity, members of all departments worked together to control the stability and speed of the tossing ball, and try to keep the table tennis ball from falling on the racket. In this activity, not only did we see the splendid teamwork and courage of the staff, but also I felt the sunshine and passion outside of their hard work. After the fierce competition, the engineering department, marketing center and material department won the first, second and third prizes respectively.


"One, two, three...Okay, control the frequency of entry", along with cheers, more and more people jumped rope. Every athlete and every team put in their full effort, cooperated closely, and strived to be the first. There were cheers and applause on the field. After fierce competition among 6 teams, the SMT representative team finally won the championship.


The link of hitting the ball into the frame: At a seemingly short distance, the badminton is sometimes like a running ball out of the chamber, sometimes like an arrow off the string, and sometimes like a meteor from the sky, which makes the participating players use the "power of the wild", badminton falls within the specified box.


Rope skipping session: Rope skipping is a childhood memory, and even the simplest rules of the game can make people energetic.

Ringing link: Although the ringing rules are simple, they are full of fun and exciting scenes can be seen everywhere.


The Fun Games is the first game held by KFPCBA. In this way, it strengthens the communication and interaction between employees, gathers greater synergy and stimulates more vitality, so that every Kuaifa employee has a strong sense of belonging and Happiness! In the future, KFPCBA will hold a number of sports games, so that the passion of more employees can be unleashed, and the atmosphere of unity and progress will be strengthened again.

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