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"Have Love, Pass Love" KFPCBA Annual Conference was a complete success

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"Farewell to the old year with joy, and welcome the new year with laughter", on December 31, 2021, Kuaifa Zhizao held an annual meeting with the theme of "Having Love, Passing Love" at Baolilai Hotel. All employees of the company gathered together. , Sharing a feast.

At 5:30 in the afternoon, all the KFPCBA family members dressed up and walked onto the red carpet with smiling faces and signed in for a group photo, ushering in their bright moments, and then stepping into the main venue of the 2022 Chinese New Year Annual Meeting. Mr. Miao Bo, the general manager, led the cadres to greet him, expressing a warm welcome for the arrival of the family, and being proud of the hard work of the family in the past year.


01Exciting speech at the annual meeting

At the annual meeting, the company’s general manager Mr. Miao Bo and deputy general manager Yang Linsheng gave speeches at the annual meeting respectively, reviewing the 2021 "Quickfa Smart Manufacturing Report Card" and looking forward to the "KFPCBA New Journey" in 2022.

General Manager Mr. Miao Bo pointed out:

2021 is a year worthy of our recollection. In this year, KFPCBA has made significant progress in all aspects, not only relocating the new factory but also expanding the production line, the production capacity has been significantly improved, and our team is getting stronger and stronger! Our excellent and hardworking Kuaifa people answered the "KFPCBA transcript" with their diligent efforts and achieved outstanding results. Looking to the future, we will embark on the "KFPCBA New Journey", and we will continue to achieve the established targets in the future.


Deputy General Manager Yang Linsheng pointed out that 2021 is a year of transformation, creation and blooming of KFPCBA. The process of transformation is difficult. Transformation is also the process of continuous evolution of our thinking and the process of continuously reaping the joy of growth. How high can we fly in the future? How far we fly and what kind of scenery we fly to see will all depend on whether each of our family members can innovate their thinking and practice the company's mission and values.


02Brilliant awards ceremony

Time flies, ups and downs, along the way, KFPCBA has grown rapidly. Inseparable from the efforts of every KFPCBA person, many excellent partners and teams have emerged in 2021. They take up their responsibilities and move forward. Therefore, at this annual meeting, the Communist Party of China awarded "employee representatives, outstanding employees, Eight kinds of awards, including excellent sales, excellent team, sales champion, runner-up, third runner-up, and loyal dedication, are in recognition of their great contributions to the company.


03Wonderful show performance

Warmth and emotion gathered together, with joyous songs and laughter. Various departments of the company showed meticulously prepared programs. There were youthful and energetic singing and dancing, impassioned recitations, and wonderful and moving chorus and dance..., in wonderful performances. In the gap, there were exciting rounds of lucky draws, which greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of the scene. The audience was full of laughter, singing, applause, and cheers echoed in the venue for a long time...


04Thank you for meeting, thank you for meeting

The development and growth of the company is inseparable from the efforts of every employee. Thanks to every KFPCBA and the company's heart-to-heart, and also thank the old employees for decades of perseverance and help KFPCBA to keep moving forward!

Thank you to everyone who has practiced the spirit of seriousness and dedication in ordinary jobs, can play an exemplary and leading role at critical moments, and become a strong backbone for KFPCBA to move forward. It is your concentration and dedication that writes the wonderfulness of KFPCBA!


Thanks to 2021, we will overcome difficulties and challenges together. Looking forward to 2022, KFPCBA people will uphold the core values of "dedication, gratitude, altruism, innovation, patriotism, pursuit of the ultimate, pragmatic and courageous, and always entrepreneurial" to create greater for our customers The brilliance. 

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