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Welcome & PCB Sales Shenzhen KFPCBA Circuit Board Technology company

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Welcome & PCB Sales  Shenzhen KFPCBA Circuit Board Technology company


Welcome to the official Taobao store of our company's FPC & PCB Sales Division

Shenzhen KFPCBA Circuit Board Technology Co., Ltd. is a Shenzhen industrial and commercial registration company that specializes in the production of high-quality multi-layer PCBs, flexible boards FPCs, and flexible and rigid boards. The factory was established in 2011 and now has a fully automatic PCB & FPC production line adopts fully automatic imported production equipment, employs top-notch talents for production, implements an international top-notch management model and establishes a modern enterprise system. The monthly production capacity of circuit boards is 15,000-20,000 square meters to meet different industries. Different customers' expectations and needs, improving the company's quality management level, continuous improvement, and providing a strong guarantee for achieving customer satisfaction. Hope to go hand in hand with all businesses and seek common development!

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Our company's main products: customer-supplied information methods: CAD data, E-mail, DXP, PADS, GB, sample copy board, design drawings, etc.; (Note: Since the circuit board is an electronic product made according to the drawing, any Our business personnel Wangwang or other effective ways to negotiate and send drawings to buyers who come to quote, selfie Taobao link and payment are all illegal operations by default, please detour, thank you)

Hard board PCB (2-16 layers): HASL, gold-plated board, immersion gold board, immersion tin, immersion silver, OSP and other special processes;

1. Materials: (Shengyi, KB, International) FR4, high TG-FR4, ceramic board, CEM series, aluminum substrate, etc.

2. Finished product thickness: 0.2-6.0mm;

3. Fine wire/pitch: 3mil/0.076mm (Ni/Au board) 4mil/0.1mm (Sn/Pn board);

4. Technical parameters: 0.5OZ-10OZ copper thickness; BGA resin, copper plug hole, blind buried hole, impedance, half hole, gold-clad process, etc.;

5. Minimum aperture: 0.1mm; board thickness/aperture ratio: 10:1

6. Processing size: 1200×650mm;

7. Solder resist oil: photosensitive oil (sun ink: G55 type G35

Soft board FPC (1-8 layers): HASL, immersion gold board, immersion tin, immersion silver, OSP and other special processes;

1. Material: (DuPont, Shengyi, Taihong) PI, PET

2. Accessories: FR4, PI, steel sheet, shrapnel, 3M adhesive paper 8-layer circuit board production , conductive adhesive, shielding film, etc.

3. Thickness of the finished product: 0.05-0.3mm; (Pure 1-2 layer soft board 8-layer circuit board production , reinforcement board, multi-layer depends on specific requirements)

4. Fine wire/pitch: 2.5mil/0.05mm (Ni/Au board) 3mil/0.075mm (Sn/Pn board);

5. Technical parameters: 1/3OZ-2OZ copper thickness; BGA resin, copper plug hole, blind buried hole, impedance, half hole

6. Minimum aperture: 0.15mm;

7. Processing size: 1200×250mm;

The company features: double-sided, multi-layer (2-16 layers) PCB rapid prototype, small and medium batch and 1-8 layer FFC urgent prototype, batch board service, double-sided urgent prototype 12 hours, four-layer 48 hours, 6-16 layers according to the specific text

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​Hi everyone, I'm Ripple, Sales Director of KFPCBA Tech Ltd. If you are looking for a one-stop PCB and PCB assembly manufacturer in China, KFPCBA is your best choice! Please feel free to contact our team! Thanks!
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