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In Terms Of The Glossiness Of Solder Joints Processed By Lingzhuo SMT, Processing

Release date:2022-11-23 16:12:41 Number of views:117

In terms of the glossiness of solder joints processed by Lingzhuo SMT , processing

In SMT patch proofing, many customers have certain requirements for the glossiness of solder joints. If the glossiness of solder joints is found to be insufficient during the inspection process, the product can be defined as unqualified. However, welding is definitely an essential process in SMT patch processing , so the glossiness of solder joints for SMT patch proofing is insufficient.


1. The solder paste for smt chip processing itself contains additives that can form a matting effect.

2. There is oxidation of tin powder in smt chip processing, which reduces the glossiness of solder joints of PCBA.

3. The preheating temperature of the reflow soldering in the SMT chip proofing process is insufficient and does not reach the expected standard value. The rapid proofing of the smt chip will cause some difficult-to-evaporate to remain on the surface of the solder joints, resulting in solder joints in SMT chip processing. Not enough gloss.

4. There are rosin or resin residues on the solder joints after the welding process of SMT patch proofing processing, and electronic processing factories generally use rosin-type fluxes and no-clean fluxes when selecting rosin solder pastes, although these fluxes will make solder joints Brighter, but in actual operation, their residues often affect the glossiness of solder joints in SMT patch proofing.

5. There is no clear standard for the glossiness of solder joints in SMT chip processing. For example, there must be a certain gap between silver-free solder paste welding products and silver-containing solder paste welding products, and this requires customers to choose solder in SMT patch proofing When applying paste, it is necessary to clearly express their own requirements for the glossiness of solder joints.

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