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A Complete Guide On How To Order PCB Assembly

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It is a good indication of having a competent team of engineers who can manufacture PCB assemblies for your company. If you are a beginner and do not have a manufacturing team of engineers, you can place an order for PCB assembly. The suppliers of electronics, either mobile manufacturing or other electronic manufacturing company, need PCB assembly to manufacture their products.

They should look for the procedure on how to order a PCB assembly and how to use it safely. When ordering PCB assembly for your product, you should know what you want and what you expect from the PCB assembly manufacturers. PCB assembly matters a lot for the company of any good electric manufacturing.

PCB assembly can make or break its success with good or bad PCB assembly response. So, it would help if you thought proactively about bringing out a wonderful PCB assembly.

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Smt pcb factory

A complete guide on how to order PCB assembly

Are you a beginner and looking for a wonderful type of PCB assembly to manufacture your product? You can order it for your company from any good PCB assembly manufacturer. You will need to look for a proper guide on how to order PCB assembly and follow each step for good results.

To facilitate you about how to order PCB assembly, here is a proper guide for you. Following tips or guiding steps will help you to understand and learn the whole procedure of how to order PCB assembly.

Look deeply into your needs for the PCB assembly.

First of all, when you are looking at how to order PCB assembly, you should understand its inside essence. It will help you to plan and track the procedure of ordering PCB assembly for your products. As most experts suggest, look into your shoes first to understand your needs and wants. This way, you would be able to pick or drop the things that you need at any cost and drop things that you think are less important, and you can compromise on them. Similarly, in the case of PCB assembly order placing, you should enlist your needs and wants. To understand your needs and want, you should categorize them by name like.


Cost and budget  

When you are learning how to order PCB assembly, the first thing that appears in your mind is the budget. Whatever you are thinking about buying, you need to define your budget to decide how much or how many goods you can order. You should define your budget but do not look for the cost value of PCB assembly while compromising on the quality. Your budget is your want that you can manage either by enhancing the amount or reducing the product you want to order. You can manage the wants of your project while prioritizing your needs.


The next thing you need to think or plan about to recognize your need or want is the size of the PCB assembly you need for your project. Before you finalize the order of PCB assembly with a manufacturer, you should be very clear on the size of the PCB assembly. The size of the PCB assembly is necessary to determine the size of the project product and the power it needs.


After looking into the size of the project product, you need to look at what type of PCB assembly will be best for it. You should identify the best compatibility of the type of PCB assembly for your project by communicating with your project team. As THT does not have a wide range of facilities to support your space project, you need to look for SMT PCB assembly.


It would help if you also looked for a time that how quickly you need to complete your project and plan to place an order for PCB assembly accordingly.

Regulatory demands

While recognizing the needs, you should also consider the regulatory demands like the warranty and certification of PCB assembly. It would help you to decide whether you are choosing an authentic and professional manufacturer or not.


No doubt everyone wants to have products according to their like and match with choices of your demand. So, when you are ordering PCB assembly, you are ordering the services of manufacturers that should be spectacular, just like the product quality.

These all need and will help you to order PCB assembly from a well-reputed PCB assembly manufacturer.

Visit websites of different manufacturers.

Now, it is time to look for the PCB assembly manufacturers after deciding what you are looking for with what features. As you are clear about the product, you want to have clarity about the feature of a PCB assembly. Visit different websites of PCB manufacturers and grab the closer one.

Compare the features of PCB assembly of a different manufacturer.

While exploring the websites of PCB assembly manufacturers, you should look for the procedures or features that will support you in the best way in your project. For this purpose, you should make a list of features of PCB assembly of different manufacturers in the diary. Then one by one, compare each feature of PCB assembly. It will help you to choose the best of them with relevant capacity and suitability. While comparing the PCB assembly manufacturers, you should consider

  • Experience

  • Expertise

  • Services

  • Professionalism

  • Types of technologies

  • Size of the board for PCB assembly

These things will help you to choose a good manufacturer with a low-risk factor for ordering PCB assembly for your project.

Assure the quality and testing method

The products you are planning to make under your project management depend completely or more than partially on PCB assembly. Therefore, you should surely consider the quality of PCB assembly and testing methods.

Look deeply into whether the PCB assembly manufacturers are providing the quality with quantity. Deeply look for the certification and quality checking of OCB assembly by exploring the third party as a quality checker.

The majority of the manufacturers go through the quality assurance test and g certification from recognized quality checking institutes. So, you should necessarily consider the quality assurance test results of the PCB assembly providing company.

Do conversation online if required.

If you want a precise and personalized PCB assembly for your project, you can contact the manufacturer through online conversation. By doing so, you can get a PCB assembly of the size and type you want. Otherwise, there is an option of size selection on the website that you can choose while placing your order.

Read carefully the about us section.

Most people do not explore the website properly and place orders without knowing the terms and policies of the manufacturer. Sometimes, by doing so, you are a drawback as you won't return the defective piece if they have mentioned it in their policy. About us, the section contains the details of services the manufacturer is providing and returning policies as well.

Do not forget to read comments and reviews about PCB manufacturers.

The experience of other users and customers can help you as they share their experience with the PCB assembly quality and its duration. It will help you to decide whether you should choose this manufacturer or not. You should read both positive and negative comments and reviews to get a central idea. If you think you can cope with the negative comments and positive comments are more valuable, then you should continue placing an order.

Do not neglect customer service.

You should focus on the customer service reviews so that you can collect reviews about customer service before and after purchasing the service. It will let you know what kind of seller or manufacturer they are. If you observe that the manufacturer is not responding properly and solving the problem of customers, you should not consider that manufacturer.

Confirmation of receiving delivery

Deadlines matter a lot while doing project management and product control. It is necessary to confirm the time when the manufacturer will deliver your order. You should keep taking feedback from the manufacturer as well so that you can know what the progress rate is.  

Find quotes and confirm your order.

After reading and exploring the website of the manufacturer, if you are satisfied, you can place your order. The majority of manufacturers have form-type quotes that you can fill with the required size, type, and other fields' details. When you have filled in the required details of the PCB assembly, you can confirm your order. Do revisit the order you want to place and then press the Ok or confirm button on the website.

Explore the best PCB assembly manufacturers

Apart from all these things, the most important thing is the manufacturers of PCB assembly and their reputation. If you think all relevant fields of information of the manufacturer are clear and you are satisfied, go ahead and confirm your order to get it soon to complete your project.


When you are a beginner, and your company cannot manufacture PCB assembly for the projects due to the absence of brilliant engineers, you can order them from manufacturers. For this purpose, you should know how to order PCB assembly.

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