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A new starting point, a new journey

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I once dreamed of walking the world with the sword, seeing the prosperity of the world, and there are countless fetters, but life is more than just the present, there are poetry and the wildness in the distance, the work is more than two points and one line, and colorful team building~

In order to improve the cohesion and centripetal force of employees, and enhance the tacit understanding and cooperation between employees, the company organized a two-day outdoor team building activity for the guys in the marketing department-Qingyuan Tour. Although it happened to be rainy, it did not resist. Let us live in a heart that wants to go out, full of laughter and laughter, let’s set off~

640.webp (4).jpg

1Bravely drifting Huangteng Gorge

After 4 hours of driving, everyone was a little tired and sang "Huang Teng Gorge is here"! It aroused everyone's passion in an instant, and at a glance, the natural oxygen bar of nature was swept away from tiredness, and the eager heart was agitated.

The water gun is in place, put on a life jacket, put on a safety helmet, group your teammates, get on the rubber dinghy, and the patter of light rain, exaggerating an unusually romantic atmosphere, leaps through the turbulent water, sometimes slowly and leisurely, sometimes Fast and fierce like a tiger, drifting all the way, screaming all the way, screaming and laughing one after another, there is no time to take pictures in the fierce battle~~

640.webp (7).jpg

Do you think this is it? No, no, the most exciting thing is not only the drifting itself, but also the water battle! Does someone else have no "weapons"? Splash him! Someone hit you with a water gun? Splash him! That young lady is so pretty? Splash her! At this time, there are "grudges" for "results" and "hate" for "havens". There are not so many reasons! Just be happy! I felt the fierceness of the battle through the screen~

After more than an hour, everyone relieved their pressure in the thrilling rafting, and their happy smiles were frozen in the beautiful mountains and waters.

2Stay at Xinyinzhan Hot Spring Resort

After a few hours of hardship in the boat and car, coupled with the excitement of drifting, accompanied by soft music, the friends took a short nap in the car, and arrived at the hot spring hotel. After a feast of delicious food, they opened the hot spring tour, which was clean and clear. The hot spring water exudes heat, soothing the body and mind, and at the same time letting the fatigue in the city life disappear, bringing the ultimate body and mind relaxation, and at the same time drawing a successful end to today's itinerary.

3Explore the virgin forest of Niuyuzui

With the sound of birds singing in the early morning, a new day of exploration began. After breakfast, I began to explore the primitive deep forest of Niuyuzui. There were not many tourists on the mountain. After passing through the shadow of the trees in the forest, I was attracted by the happy bridge in the lake. The partners are eager to try, crossing the balance beam, punching in the internet celebrity swing bridge, etc., and the boss who was broken by the friends, catching a group of people eating melons, full of laughter and we set off to the next stop.

640.webp (9).jpg

4Visit Beijiang Small Three Gorges

The turquoise lake is full of laughter, and the breeze blows everyone’s face, allowing everyone to enjoy it. Enjoy a different lunch on the boat while enjoying the delicious food while admiring the scenery along the way.

640.webp (10).jpg

Happy time is always short, but these happy moments are like storing electricity, filling us with energy. Through this team building activity, not only let everyone relax after stressful work, but also strengthen the relationship between colleagues. The more important thing is to create an atmosphere of unity, cohesion, activeness, and forge Guidance, look forward to meeting you in KFPCBA! 

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