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How to Find CHINA PCB Assembly Companies?

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PCB Assembly Companies

From smartphones to laptops and smart appliances, PCBs are everywhere. Due to the growing usage of PCBs, this business sector doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

According to a report, the PCB market can reach $72.72 billion by 2025.  

This tremendous growth rate is encouraging more businesses to startup in this sector. Due to this, it is becoming more difficult for OEMs to choose the right PCB assembly companies. High-quality PCB assembly is the lifeblood of the overall project. Your chosen PCB assembly can make or break your overall PCB project.

Therefore, investing your time and efforts in finding the best PCB assembly companies is critical.

How to find PCB assembly companies? A complete guide.

So, here we go:

Understand your PCB assembly needs

Firstly, you need to understand your project requirements before starting to find PCB assembly companies. To determine your project needs, answer some questions. These may include:

  • What type of PCB technology do you need?

  • What board size do you want to assemble?

  • How quickly do you want to get your PCB assemblies?

  • What budget have you allocated for PCB assembly?

  • What type of finish level do you want with PCB assembly?

Answering these questions will help you to shortlist more appropriate PCB assembly companies. Consequently, you can have a direction to flow in your search process. So, always estimate your PCB assembly needs before getting into any other process.

Having proper understanding is important when it comes to know How to find PCB assembly companies.

Perform an online search

Perform an online search to find out top-performing PCB assembly companies. When searching for PCB assembly companies, it’s vital to understand the difference between PCB assembly and manufacturing. Both of these are different disciplines in the PCB sector.

Conduct an online search based on your PCB assembly requirements. Make a list of at least 5 top PCB assembly companies to start research.

Check out the website of prospective PCB assembly companies.

Before finalizing your top PCB assembly companies list, checking the company website for potential options is another task to perform. A company’s website can tell you a lot about the business in the present digital age. A professional PCB assembly company has all the essential information on its website, from feeder inputs to component size. You can also get to know more about the company’s customer service and contact information here.

Searching top PCB assembly companies’ websites one by one would make it easier for you to shortlist your preferred ones to perform further research.

Ask your peers for suggestions.

Sometimes performing online research only can’t give you valuable information results. Don’t worry, because this can happen to anyone. However, you can make your goal of finding PCB assembly companies possible by asking for suggestions.

With so many new and old PCB assembly manufacturer available online, finding the right PCB assembly companies can get difficult.

Ask some of your co-workers, family members, or friends for suggestions regarding the best PCB assembly companies. After getting some suggestions, perform your due diligence about the company’s reputation and work ethics. Never blindly trust the suggested options to avoid any unwanted circumstances later.

Know more about their quality assurance standards

The quality of PCBs company offers excellent testing services are also important. Testing the service quality is one of the simplest ways to determine if a company is reliable. Therefore, you must be looking at their assembling quality and consistency.

  • Today, almost every business love to collaborate with its clients. So, you can contact the company representatives and ask them for some samples to test.

  • By having samples in hand, you can easily determine the quality of their work. Check the consistency level and ensure that every PCB performs the same way.

  • Another way to check out the quality is to determine the quality standards company follows for assembling.

How to find PCB assembly companies? Don’t ignore these points.

Identify their testing methods.

Testing PCB assembly services is important as it can help catch faults and errors quickly. Proper testing of PCB after assembly keeps the companies from sending faulty products. Delivering assembled products without testing may end in product failure.

To avoid this inconvenience, you must select PCB assembly companies that use different testing methods before delivering.

PCB assembly

Know the type of services a PCB assembly company offers

You need to hire a PCB assembly company to help you complete your projects on time. To ensure the reliability of your chosen PCB assembly company, see if it offers any additional service, i.e., after-sale services.

Simply getting PCB products home isn't enough; after-sale services are also significant. You never want to spend more time hunting for an industry expert to maintain, repair or replace PCB components. Therefore, choosing a PCB assembler that also offers quality after-sale support is always important.  

See what customers are saying about PCB assembly companies

To determine the reliability and trustworthiness of PCB assembly companies, go beyond just checking the company's website. Try to find out what customers have experienced with a particular company. Explore the company on different channels, for example, social media, website, online forums, directories, etc.

Explore each source and see the customer reviews section. Here you can get to know what their previous customers say about them. You can also try to reach out to their prior customers to know more about their service quality, testing standards, consistency, and whatnot.

This tip will surely help you build confidence in the company and its reputation based on real experiences.

Determine their service speed

Delayed deliveries mean wasting time and money. Surely you never want to waste your precious time and hard-earned money. Therefore, you must prefer PCB assembly companies that offer faster services and follow the committed timeline.

Unwanted delays in PCB product arrival can halt your overall planned processes. It would be best to install your PCBs quickly to get more time to market your products. So, ensure to find PCB assembly companies that offer quick deliveries.

Experience and certification  

Hiring a PCB assembly company having enough experience and proper certification can give you peace of mind. Certifications can help you to ensure that you will get good quality. Various certifications are available out there for PCB assemblers. Learn about these options and choose a certified PCB assembly company for your upcoming project.

Moreover, years of working in the field also matter a lot here. When it’s about assembling an essential product such as PCB, you will surely want to work with an experienced team. So, ensure to choose PCB assembly companies with enough experience to assemble all types of PCBs. This will clear you what to expect from a certain PCB assembly company.

Good customer support

It’s necessary to ensure the PCB assembly companies you’ve found offer excellent and prompt customer support. Working with a PCB assembly company offering quality products and faster services isn't enough. Sometimes, you need to get quick solutions for your PCB assembly problems. So, you must have a point of contact and talk to the real company representative.

While finding the right PCB assembly companies for you, contact the support teams of your prospect companies. If the support team behaves well and encourages you to ask more questions. Then you are certainly at the right place. You can rely on the company to get assembly services.

Determine their service cost

Cost is another significant factor to consider while finding PCB assembly companies. In most cases, people believe high quality means high prices. That's not the complete truth. In this competitive age, it's easier to find competitively priced PCB assembly services.

To ensure that you aren't overpaying for PCB assembly services, compare the costs of different companies. The companies you already have shortlisted may offer different prices for the same services. Choosing the PCB assembly companies with the cheapest prices is never recommended. Instead, it would be better to see the quality, design capabilities, certification, experience, and moderately priced assembly services. All these considerations would help you find the best PCB assembly companies to rely on without overdoing them in terms of budget.

Its important to follow this when it comes to How to find PCB assembly companies.

Ensure to watch the red flags

Not every PCB assembly company is right for your needs. Watch out for the following bad signs to ensure you aren’t choosing the company that can’t handle your PCB assembly project.

  • Is communicating with a PCB assembly company challenging? If yes, then be aware, because it would be impossible to get the info about products quickly.

  • If the company isn't flexible enough to provide the ideal PCB solutions, this isn't the right choice.

  • Any PCB assembly company taking excessive time to complete a project isn't a suitable option to consider.

  • Each experienced and professional PCB assembly company should provide references to its potential customers. If the company is hesitant to provide references, you should look out for any other company.

Considering all these things will surely let you choose a reliable PCB assembly company.

Final thoughts  

When choosing the best PCB assembly companies, you need to be careful about it. Being careless and not giving much time to find PCB assembly companies can ruin your entire project. Numerous companies outsource their PCB assembly process. So, if you are also thinking of doing the same, follow the guidelines mentioned above to find the best CHINA PCB assembly companies.

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