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Do You Know How To Calculate The Points And Costs Of SMT Patch Processing?

Release date:2022-11-30 16:23:27 Number of views:125

Do you know how to calculate the points and costs of SMT patch processing?


At present, the product processes of SMT patches mainly include: lead-free soldering process, leaded soldering process and red glue soldering process. The point calculation method is similar, but many users do not know how to calculate the points and cost of SMT chip processing . Today, Chang Keshun () will share with you the points and cost calculation methods for SMT patch processing:

1. Calculation method of SMT placement points

1. SMD

1) Capacitance and resistance (0402-1210): their calculation points are generally calculated according to 1 point.

2) Capacitance and resistance (below 0402): generally calculated according to 2 points, because their volume is too small , the phenomenon of material throwing will occur during the processing of smt chips .

3) Second, triode: its points are calculated according to 1.5. Since the material has directionality, its direction needs to be noted during the production process.

4) Tantalum capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, and inductors: the points are calculated as 2 points. One thing to note here is: if the component is larger, it is calculated as 4 points.

5) SOP and QFP chips: 3 pins/1 point, the component pins of this type of components are generally visible.

6) QFN and BGA chips: 2 pins/1 point, the component pins of this type of components cannot be seen.

7) Pin header: 3 pins/1 point, the minimum count of this type of component is 3 points.

8) Other heterosexual components (determined according to the actual situation): 2 pins/1 smt point unit price , which is also the minimum calculation of 3 points.

2. Plug-ins

1) Electrolytic capacitors, power sockets, Y capacitors, diodes, etc.: 1 pin/1 point.

2) Pin header: 2 pins/1 point, the minimum calculation of this type of components is 2 points.

3) The pads of the post-welding components are larger: 1 pin/2 points, and the smt processing factory generally calculates according to the multiple of the normal point.

4) Other commonly used components: 2 pins/1 point, calculated according to the actual situation.

2. Calculation of SMT chip processing cost

1. Calculate the cost: processing fee = points * unit price of 1 point (processing fee includes: red glue, solder paste, AOI inspection, X_RAY inspection, etc.)

2. Other expenses: measuring frame, steel mesh and other unilaterally agreed expenses need to be calculated separately.

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