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PCB Design Service company:Motherboard Walkie-Talkie

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PCB Design KFPCBA PCB Design Service Advantage Motherboard Mobile Phone Walkie-Talkie

PCB Design KFPCBA's PCB design services mainly include: PCB, PCB board design , PCB schematic diagram production, high-speed PCB design , high-density/high-frequency circuit board design, PCB modification, EMC electromagnetic compatibility design, SI signal simulation analysis; KFPCBA has A number of software and hardware engineers who have been engaged in technology development and PCB design for many years can provide PCB copy board, PCB design, PCB modification, principle Graphic design, PCB, BOM table production, prototype production (including debugging), batch processing of finished products, technical support, PCB production quality assurance and other services, to save you proofing debugging and development costs, and at the same time assist in the procurement of cold side door components, compatible Replacement of functional devices, design of signal sources, test racks, etc. We promise to provide you with convenient and fast service at any time with high-quality product quality, low price, and perfect and timely technical support. We sincerely welcome you to send us a letter, call or visit us for consultation and business negotiation. For more information, please visit our website or send us a letter, call or visit our studio. PCB design mainly involves product categories Network equipment Bluetooth equipment C, KU band high-frequency head Large router Digital camera, digital camcorder Other high-precision electronic products Laptop mainboard DVB, satellite receiver Wireless communication module PCB mainboard Mobile phone, PHS, walkie-talkie Advantages of DVD and portable visual equipment PCB design service 

1. Strong backing, senior experts from Beijing Longren Computer Research Institute provide technical guidance and technical support to provide the most powerful guarantee for your PCB design quality.

2. Strict process Shenzhen circuit board design company Shenzhen circuit board design company , standardizes and guarantees strict design process, meticulous R&D team; perfect design specifications and classic cases, minimize your design risk. 

3. Personal service, large-scale team service network in Shenzhen and Beijing to fully create the best communication; a strong design team to meet the sudden needs of customers in any situation 

4. Own software to improve efficiency and set up a special platform group for The existing platform develops tool software in line with its own characteristics, which greatly improves work efficiency and shortens the design cycle. 

5. Keep up with the frontier and keep pace with the times. Keep an eye on the latest developments in the industry, keep up with the cutting-edge technology of the industry, and communicate closely with the frontier of the industry to ensure that high-end designs are best guaranteed. PCB design technology advantages manufacturability, testability, and assembly Design (DFM, DFT, DFA) High-density, blind buried hole PCB design (High, B/B PCB) Heat dissipation considerations in PCB design (in PCB) Optimization of design process ( ) Novel design ideas or methods (New or) Design optimization of PCB stack-up (PCB stack-up) Signal integrity simulation and analysis method (&) Board-level EMC design (EMC in board) Board-level power integrity analysis (Power) SI analysis in actual product design Application (SI in) Product PCB design (PCB for a) PCB design power processing skills (skill with Power) Team collaborative PCB design (Team work in PCB) Practical functions and applications of EDA software (EDA & ) New product design, simulation software (new &) IC package substrate design method (IC) PCB design for cost considerations (for Cost-down)

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