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Circuit Board Solution Company,Design/modification Service

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Shenzhen circuit board solution company, circuit board design /modification service (group photo)

Shenzhen PCB design /modification service:

Customers only need to provide basic schematic diagrams and specification information, from the selection of electronic components to packaging and manufacturing, to PCB board design , we provide a one-stop solution. Even if you only have product design ideas and no technical information such as schematic diagrams, we can provide you with schematic diagram design, structural feature design, device selection, and overall design solutions to PCB design to speed up your product development and promote new products. Quickly go to market, fully grasp market opportunities to win greater economic benefits.

Shenzhen circuit board solution company, circuit board development, circuit board

Shenzhen PCB design / board modification company process:

(1) The customer provides functional requirements;

(2), business personnel communicate with customers;

(3) The technical personnel make a preliminary scheme structure to the customer for confirmation;

(4) According to the preliminary design plan, make a quotation for research and development costs;

(5) The two parties negotiated, confirmed the research and development costs, signed the development agreement, and the project started;

(6) Determine the R&D schedule;

(7) According to the design plan, start hardware and software design;

(8), carry out PCB proofing;

(9) Software and hardware engineers jointly debug the sample software and hardware together;

(10) After the R&D department completes the test, conduct quality and appearance inspection

(11) After passing the sample inspection, it is packaged and shipped; the customer pays the progress payment;

(12) After the customer confirms that it is correct, sign the sample confirmation letter, and the research and development project is completed.

, mainly engaged in the development and supply of circuit boards, modules, electronic circuit solutions, and so on. Since its inception, the company has been committed to providing customers with electronic product development and production, complete hardware development, special circuit customization and other services.

We have one-stop development and production supporting solutions, round-the-clock quick-response after-sales technical support, product improvement suggestions, forward-looking product upgrade plans, and a high degree of confidentiality; these are long-term sustainable. At the same time, according to the different needs of different customers, we have corresponding flexible cooperation methods that are more beneficial to both parties.

With our proficient technology, perfect after-sales service and reasonable cooperation fees, we are determined to become your preferred product development service provider.

Zhongkecheng Electronics has been focusing on hardware design for many years, and has customized hundreds of design projects according to customer needs. It has rich experience in PCBA, PCB design, etc., and the company has formulated a set of design processes for PCB design.

Main business: Shenzhen Longgang electronic solution development, Zhongkecheng electronic circuit customization, Shenzhen PCB design revision, PCBA one-stop service

Shenzhen Electronic Solution Company Shenzhen Integrated Circuit Design Shenzhen Circuit Board Development and Design

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